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Do you really need to hire professionals for your water damage mitigation?

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Water Damage Mitigation
When your water mitigation goes wrong.

When water damage occurs in your house, it is critical that you remove it right away. Often times you are able to identify where it is coming from but there are also incidents in which you have no idea how it happened and where it’s coming from. When either of the situations occur, you need a professional to do the heavy work for you. With this post, we aim to help you understand what the process is all about, and why it is important.


There are various reasons why the inside of your home can flood. The most unexpected water damage event is when there is a leaking pipe within the walls or in an enclosed area. When this occurs, you, the home owner, may be unaware of the active water damage happening and are unable to prevent further damage. Some of the most common water damage causes that are quickly noticed are flooding from heavy rains, over flowing toilet, or a leak from one of the appliances. No matter how expensive your property is, water damage is always a possible issue.


After water damage occurs, the first step of removing the water is water extraction. When we say water extraction, this is the process in which excess water will be removed from the flooring of your property. Failure to complete the water extraction properly can result in longer drying time and creates the perfect environment for mold growth. This is not a feat for amateurs, and that is why you need to call professionals. We have the expertise and the right tools. Apart from that, we strategize first on how to resolve the problem in your home.

With excess water, molds can grow. It’s unhealthy for the entire family, including the four legged members of the family as well. With the extraction of water, you can stop the damages and at the same time restore your home to its pristine state.


Water extraction is a task that we highly encourage you to leave to the professionals, but it is also good to understand the water extraction process.

Using the IICRC S500 standard, we as the experts will do the following:

• Finding and stopping the source of the water damage.

• Pumping out/draining out standing water

• Removing water that is not visible

• Applying an anti-microbial agent to prevent mold growth

• Setting up air movers to dry the floors and walls

• Installing dehumidifiers to remove the moisture from the air and air scrubbers to filter and remove contaminates from the air.

First, the technicians need to find and locate the source of the water damage. Once the source is found, stopping the source of the water is crucial to preventing further damage. From here, we the experts will identify all the safety hazards in the work area. Our techs use the latest high-tech equipment including thermal imaging and moisture meters. This will show our technicians the extent of the water damage.

Once the extent of the water damage is identified, water extraction will take place. After the water is removed, disinfection and sanitation are necessary to remove foul odors and prevent mold growth. In the last phase of water extraction, air movers will be installed to help remove moisture from the materials remaining. And lastly, your home will be dehumidified and filtered to remove the moisture from the air and contaminates.

Technicians are trained to use equipment specific for each material to accelerate the drying process. Depending on the scope of the water damage, different equipment will be used for each specific material. For an example, if there is a lot of standing water, pumps are used to remove the standing water. A special water extraction vacuum is used to extract water from your carpet and carpet pad. As well as special drying system to ensure that the wall cavities and walls are dried thoroughly.


While people think that both of these words mean the same thing, there is a big difference between the two tasks. Water mitigation comes after extraction.

Water mitigation is a process where we the experts will remove materials and parts of the building that are unsalvageable or preventing drying. This usually includes flooring, drywall, and furniture. The entire area will be cleaned and sanitized at the same time.


Using the science behind psychrometries, we use the latest knowledge and techniques in monitoring the drying process and verifying that the materials are back to pre-water damage (pre-loss) moisture condition. We utilize the moisture meters to measure levels in areas that are unaffected by the water and set that as the dry standard. That standard is considered the normal moisture level of the materials based on the temperature and humidity of your home. Once the standard is met, we remove the equipment and your house is ready to be restored to it pre-damage condition.


No matter how big or small the water damage is, the easiest and most efficient solution is to call Service Pros & Asbestos, where we provide water damage mitigation services, including water extraction. We have years of experience, and you can guarantee that your home will be great hands.


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